FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


A paintball is a round, thin-skinned gelatin capsule, with colored liquid inside of it. Paintballs are similar to large round vitamin capsules or a bath oil bead. The fill inside paintballs is non-toxic, non-caustic, water-soluble and biodegradable. It rinses out of clothing and off skin with mild soap and water. Paintball are even edible, although we don’t recommend it

The sting of the paintball hit is what makes this game unique. The thrill of running and jumping, dodging the paintball goes right back to your childhood, and the competition of trying to make the point to win the overall game just adds to the rush. So although getting “marked” by a paintball might sting a little, the sensation is similar to getting popped with a towel and will usually go away in a couple seconds.

During the summer months always carry bug spray and sunscreen. Application of bug spray should be done before you play and will keep the pests off you while on our many courses. Avoid using bug spray near your goggles. It will damage goggle lenses and other plastic equipment. In the winter lip-balm and good warm gloves are a must. Remember, we are outdoors so dress for it.

The most important safety precaution in the sport of paintball is the full face goggles. We require all participants to wear full-face mask system with ear protection. All visitors to Central Avenue Paintball are given a safety briefing every time they visit park. This briefing explains the important safety rules at the park, along with how to properly use the equipment and play the game. We also require guests to chronograph their markers before each game. This allows us to make sure no guests are exceeding the maximum velocity of 285 fps (feet per second).

Paintballs are made of a gelatin shell, the same material that a Tylenol capsule is made of. The RPS Marballizer paintballs that we use have a fill of vegtable oil and food coloring. Our paintballs will no stain your clothes, they are composed of a water soluble fill material. One of the main reasons we insist on our Field Paint only policy and that you have to buy our paintballs is so that a staining paintball can not be brought in and used without our knowledge.

We offer Tippmann 98’s or BT Combats as our basic rental marker. These guns are good for 3-4 balls per second with a accuracy range of approximately 100 feet. We also provide a full face goggle, 200 round loader, a 48 ci compressed air tank that is good for 500 shots before you have to refill and a barrel sleeve for safety.

Yes, but we will inspect your equipment to make sure it meets our safety standards.

  • All goggles must be full-face masks and be unaltered. There can be no cracks in the lenses at all.
  • Paintball markers must be semi-automatic with a trigger guard.  If there is a question on if your marker can be used here, a SMP staff member will make it. The decision of SMP staff is final.
  • Barrel sleeves are required on all paintball markers.
  • All CO2 or High Pressure tanks must be in test date. High-pressure fiber wrap tanks may not have any cracks or fraying and can’t have any stickers, decals or other coverings on them. Maximum velocity is 285 fps.

Central Avenue Paintball is a field paint only facility. By enforcing that you purchase all paintballs from us, we are able to insure that: no staining or hazardous paintballs are being used, no frozen or nonbreaking paintballs are being used as well as keeping the environment clean with paintballs that we know are ecofriendly and made here in the USA.

You want to dress according to the season. Long pants are long sleeve shirts are always recommended, if nothing but to provide a barrier between the paintball and your skin should you get hit. Do not worry about the paint itself, it washes out with water. The dirt and clay from the fox holes and trenches will cause more damage to your clothing and footwear. So dress appropriately. Summer time warrants light colored clothes so as to not attract any more heat than what is already obvious. Winter time justifies a sweat shirt or hoody, so not only will it keep you warm, but also provide plenty of padding. Don’t go to crazy on the clothing. If you have too many layers you will not be able to run around, crawl and jump in those fox holes. You will mimick the pillsbury doughboy and just be an easy target that can not get out of the way.

Insurance companies allow us to leave it up to the parent to determine if their particular child is mature enough to handle the responsibilities that come along with playing paintball. Here are a few questions to ask yourself if your child is ready or not: can my child follow the simple rules in the safety video that will not only protect him/her, but also their fellow players will he/she panic when they get hit (ex. take their goggles off during play) will he/she cry when they get hit (don’t want them to be embarrassed) usually if the child is active with any type of outdoor sports, they will be fine with paintball For kids under 10, we recommend some type of private party to insure that it is just your group shooting with each other and no worries of other experienced players using your child for target practice. Usually after a couple of hours of private play, even the youngest of players are ready for more competition.

Every player must sign a electronic waiver upon arrival to the park. If under 18, a parent or guardian can sign the waiver online in advance for their child.. If you brought someone else’s child to the park, we recommend you make sure their parent has signed the online waiver before arrival.

We have Gatorade, chips and candy … or bring in your own sandwiches, cake, coolers, decorations – whatever you need to make your event special!

Yes, we have portable bathrooms.

Yes, check-in is indoors – climate controlled!!

No, book bags and duffel bags are not allowed.

No, first strikes are not allowed.