This Halloween Attraction will be open starting at 7 and last ride goes out at 11.
You can walk in or pre purchase your tickets below!

Please note walking in will not guarantee you will be able to go on the ride. Long waits or being sold out is possible. Thank you

Halloween Zombie Thrill Ride

It started in 2021. The CDC had a small incident in DC which started spreading to all of Maryland with a breakout of a flu virus. Turns out it was much more than the flu. Suddenly, people started to because erratic and angry. People started to turn into angry zombies! The threat was so large the government had to train a task force to take care of this threat before it spreads. This task force training is based out of Central Avenue Paintball Park right in Bowie, Maryland.

Do you have what it takes to save mankind? Hop on our two tier hayride and shoot LIVE zombies. This ride is for ALL ages. Come out and shoot some zombies and save mankind!

INdividual Pricing

Basic Package

$ 25 Per Person
  • Admission for 1 Rider
  • 750 Rounds Zombie Tracer Ammo

Ultimate Shooter

$ 40 Per Person
  • Admission for 1 Rider
  • Zombie Killer T-Shirt
  • 750 Rounds Zombie Tracer Ammo
  • Receive 1 Free Paintball Pass
    (valid during normal business hours)

Group Pricing

Party Package

Up to 20 Shooters
$ 399
  • Admission for up to 20 Riders
  • Fast Pass to the Front of the Line
  • 750 Rounds Zombie Tracer Ammo Each
  • Private Zombie Assualt Trailer for the Party
  • Free guest pass into paintball park

Why People Love Shooting Zombies!

All Ages Welcome

Come enjoy the ride with all your friends and family. Small children can sit on a parent’s lap.

Safe and Fun

Our full team is dedicated to creating a safe and fun experience for you and your guests. All of our paintball guns are mounted towards the zombies.

Zombies Can’t Shoot Back

They are mindless zombies – enjoy blasting them as they creep towards you. Make sure to put extra shots on each zombie.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no minimum age to participate in the ride. Any child may sit on an adult’s lap at no charge.

Yes, all Zombie Shooting Vehicles are wheelchair friendly on the bottom row.

No, the ride is a first-come first-serve basis. To skip the wait, you can preregister online.

Yes, you will be given safety glasses. The zombies do not shoot back and the guns are completely safe due to it just being a soft gel ball, much like Orbeez! This is perfect for all ages!

No, the paintball markers are already provided.

No. In order to see that you’re shooting these Zombies, the Ride uses special glow-in-the-dark ammo called GellyBalls so you can see the paint.

The ride will last 15 – 20 minutes. It depends how fast you can shoot those zombies away.

People that sit on the bottom row may be exposed to spray. Don’t worry, paintball spray does NOT stain as long as you wash it off when you get home.

All riders must complete a liability waiver. Waivers can be completed online or at the park.

Everyone will get an admission ticket. That ticket is valid for re-entry for the ride, but you must purchase ammo for $15.

To come as a group, just buy tickets online and choose the same time slot. Our vehicle holds 20 zombie hunters, so we will do our best to keep your group together as long as you are in the same time slot block. If you still need help, call us at 240-419-9626.

CAP Summer Hours

Summer Hours

Weekday walk-ins:
12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
(Monday through Friday, closed Wednesday)